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Do you feel like you’re in a battle with an addiction that you’re not going to win?

So did I, I have a gambling addiction but I now know this is a battle I will win.

Although I am 18 months gamble free and I know that I am by no means cured. I understand that this is a journey one that I will be on for life but I’m COMMITTED to making this work. It has been a difficult journey to get to this point and I am very proud of how far I have come.

Why am I blogging about my addiction?

I’ve created this blog to do one thing: spread hope.

There’s an estimated 350,000 people in the UK alone that have a problem with gambling and I want to share the things that have helped me get to 18 months without gambling.

I’ll be sharing everything from the change in mentality to the help I’ve received dealing with debt.

A little bit about me.

I’m 28 years old and started gambling at the age of 14 with my cousins over a game of cards…I went to snooker at the age of 16 when I was illegally going into betting shops and gambling mainly on football and then at the age of 18 when I started college I was betting at least every other day on pretty much everything.

I was around 20 when I first realised I had a problem.

I was going into bookies or on Fruit machines and spending more than I wanted to and could afford. At the age of 24 I got myself in my first bit of debt and had to take out a loan.

I was still gambling but I was getting by financially.

The at the age of 26 I hit my rock bottom.

After I completed a year without gambling I celebrated with a little bet on the football as a treat to myself for some reason because I went a year without gambling I thought I could manage my addiction, but you know what happened next, don’t you…

Within 2 months of gambling again I was losing all my monthly wages within days of being paid.

I was gambling with borrowed money to the point where I had taken out all the credit cards I could possible take out and even taken out a loan which I’d gambled away.

I was now in a huge amount of debt (roughly double my yearly salary).

This was the last time I gambled…

FastTrack to today and I’m slowly paying down my debt, rebuilding relationships with the people I’ve let down and becoming a stronger person.

I can tell you with a smile on my face there are ways out of this addiction.

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me” Carol Burnett

Thank you for being a part of my road to recovery and I hope that this blog allows me to help you along your road as well.