Helpful Links For Gambling Addiction

Below are some helpful links to websites who offer services which can help you with your gambling addiction.


Gamcare have a team of people that offer help to problem gamblers, their families and friends. They provide advice over the telephone, through their netline ( Live text chat )  and there face to face counselling.

They have a great forum with lots of people who’ve been affected by gambling directly or indirectly with a variety of different threads and theres also timed chat’s with an admin who host’s the chat and other gamblers.

Gamcare is my go to place for help. Their services are free.

Gamblers Anonymous UK

Similar to Gamcare in the way that they have a forum and chat but they offer group meetings in most locations around the UK. They have plenty of literature on their website to get you asking yourself the right questions about your addictions.

Their services are free but they do have a collection at the end of there meetings for donations.

I don’t use GA much but when I have been on there I’ve heard great things about the meetings they hold.

Stepchange Debt Charity

Stepchange have a team of experts that can help you get your finances in order. Thier services are free and they’re funded by many of our household named lenders.

They ask a series of questions to do with your monthly outgoings, income and debt and suggest how they feel they can be most helpful by suggesting a solution most suited to your circumstances.

Should you proceed with one of the offered solutions they contact your lenders and arrange agreed payments and deal with them from the beginning of your agreement until you’re debt free. You can cancel your agreement with them at any time.

I’ve used Stepchange for help with my debt and I can’t fault there services.